Marine and Offshore Winch Service

Specializes in Marine and Offshore  Winch Service , Customize Electro-Hydraulic System Design, troubleshooting and repair, Control System upgrading, Supply Winch Spare Parts, Winch Sale, Rental, Service and Technical Advise.

Specialized Winch Services

  •  Active Heave Compensation Winch & Crane
  • Passive Heave Compensation Winch & Crane
  • Constant Tension Winch & Crane
  • Offshore cranes
  • Mooring Winch
  • Anchor Handling & Towing Winch
  • Umbilical Winch
  • Tugger Winch
  • Capstan
  • Pipe Laying Equipment

Available Winch Spare Parts

  •  Hydraulic Components
  • Electrical Components
  • PLCs
  • Winch and Gear Box